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Using financial problem solving and multiple faceted research and development methods, client goals and problems become our central focus. Summit Capital Management is driven by this insight to deliver success.

Summit Capital Management offers insightful and practical investment advice and will focus and standby its clients throughout the investment solution period.

We have ideal resources to help individuals and companies discover the best methods needed to implement their capital requirements. Our Financial Advisors and comprehensive research department have a single goal – to bring strong capital returns in the shortest period of time to our clients. They will consider all aspects of the investigated investment opportunity(s) and then uncover and deliver workable solutions.

Although Summit Capital Management is an established global full service broker, we do have excess staff and huge teams to each take a part of each client’s services.  Rather having your file handed to less experience staff as per the systems used at large top-tier firms, Your Financial Advisor is available to talk with you about your investments and will assist with updating your customer profile and status and they will help you look at investment options and deliver advice within your time frame of choice.

Summit Capital Management Financial Advisors are able to focus directly on their clients which allows for a more personal service and quicker, more client-relevant decisions. We will only focus on you.

Being a truly global firm with extensive team resources and experiences, also allows us to interpret opportunities very quickly. Our completive edge comes from our established ability to work closely with clients but also other industry partners letting us source the best and newest investments regardless of their origination.

Summit Capital Management offers a team of client-ready and accessible high caliber professionals delivering financial services and securities underpinned with intelligence and integrity, and you can benefit from the intimacy of using us compared to larger, more impersonal localized firms.

Summit Capital Management is driven by this insight to deliver success. We focus on the financial strategies of our clients and bring intelligence and practical knowledge to our service to you without the distractions of shared instruction.

Our focus of delivering outstanding results is driven by the vision of our people and the way we work with our clients across the range of products and services we offer.

Summit Capital Management Financial Advisors understand that different clients have different and various needs and they are willing and able to work with your needs. Even when a client’s needs change over the course of their relationship with Summit Capital Management, your Financial Advisor will create a consulting approach that works for you. This is the Summit client advantage that has worked for so many of our clients, large and small.

After identifying your most significant issues, there may be an intense period of contact and effort and then reduced levels of support and contact may follow. However, at any time additional elements need to revised and new investments discussed, your Summit Capital Management Financial Advisor will adjust and adapt to suit your needs and requirements.

By keeping your portfolio with your Financial Advisor we get to know you and get to know your financial requirements quickly. It also enables us to grow with and assist you with decisions regarding issues or outcomes, whether it be with one section of your portfolio or possibly even a reconstruction based on new small cap opportunities that become apparent.

We work with you and will always let you fell in control. Our advice, suggestions, analysis and recommendations result from our experience, partnerships, knowledge and global market alliances but always must include the client’s level financial expectation, risk return capability and knowledge of the industry.

Summit Capital Management will present clients with clearly defined and precise recommendations, by concise communication as we strive to make your investment strategies successful.  Your confidence ensures the growth of our relationship and we will always acknowledge this.